ALERT: Golf industry scam

In recent months some concerning reports of brazen con artists attempting to scam various businesses seems to have become more prevalent in the hospitality industry around Australia, and golf clubs are not being spared.

Most recently a major metro club in Sydney was approach via email by a fraudulent person wanting to book a function for his 80th birthday, claiming to be old and hospitalised.

After weeks of organising with dates, menus and seating arrangements, when asked to pay a deposit for room hire, the client then asked the club to pay $3,000 for entertainment on his behalf.

This sent some red flags to management and with further review the club eventually found the scheme dubious and now wants to alert others in the industry of similar encounters.

“Initially you tend to allow a little for a person’s age and unfamiliarity with emails and EFT etc., especially as we had been dealing with this person for a few weeks,” the club GM said.

“I checked on Google and apparently it is a scam where a person pretending to be old and deaf wants you to pay someone on his behalf after he has paid you by credit card,”

“I have never received a warning about this and the scammers have obviously progressed to the hospitality industry as targets. The scam is well thought out and they are happy to take their time preparing you for the hit.”

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